Brake inspection

How to Deal with a Brake Failure on the Road?

Tips to Deal with Brake Failure   

Freddy and his group of friends had finally planned a weekend getaway, and with about six members, Freddy decided to drive his SUV for the trip. While they were going, Matt, who was driving, noticed that the brakes were not functioning correctly and became concerned. He informed Freddy, who was sitting in the passenger seat. Freddy calmly told Matt not to panic and provided a few tips to handle the situation. We will examine the suggestions Freddy gave Matt when the brakes failed in this blog post from Lexus of Tucson Speedway.  

Importance of Brake Safety and Maintenance   

Freddy immediately took control of the situation, advised Matt not to panic, and gave him these tips to help with the situation:   

  • Gradually decrease speed: Matt should take his foot off the gas pedal and let the vehicle slow down naturally.   
  • Shift into a lower gear: If the vehicle has a manual transmission, shifting into a lower gear can help slow it down.   
  • Use the emergency brake: If the regular brakes are not working, Matt can use the emergency brake to slow down the vehicle.   
  • Steer towards a safe location: Matt should steer towards the side of the road or a secure site, such as a parking lot, to pull over.   

Matt followed Freddy’s instructions and safely brought the vehicle to a stop. Once they were safely off the road, they waited for the tow truck to arrive. The mechanic who arrived with the tow truck checked the brakes and found a piece loose, causing the brakes to fail. He fixed the problem, and Freddy and his friends could continue their weekend getaway, but with a newfound appreciation for the importance of vehicle maintenance.   

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Awareness of the proper steps to take in case of a brake failure can help avoid injuries and protect your vehicle. Regular maintenance and inspections can also prevent accidents on the road. Come to our dealership at Lexus of Tucson Speedway and check out our services!