A man is cleaning the interiors of a car.

How to Maintain the Overall Wellbeing of Your Car

What Are Some Key Car Maintenance Tips?

Just buying a car is not enough. You must follow a strict vehicle maintenance routine to get the maximum out of your car. If you keep skipping or delaying its maintenance routine, the quality of your car will soon start deteriorating. The efficient, new, shiny vehicle you bought at home will no longer remain. Many people think that taking care of your car is a complicated process. It is not. Just by merely following a few tips, you can ensure its well-being for a long time. Keep reading this blog by the Lexus of Tucson Speedway dealership in Tucson, AZ, to learn how to maintain the overall well-being of your car.

Close up of a hand fixing the tire.
Close up of a hand pouring oil in a car.

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5 Car Maintenance Tips

  • No matter how hectic your days get, take your car for periodic servicing and maintenance to your nearby automotive service center. It will also help them diagnose underlying issues and fix them before they could cause severe damage in the long run.
  • Go for a coolant flush at least once a year. It will help maintain the cooling system of your car. It removes rust and scale deposits, which build up over time in the radiator. The additives present in the new coolant protect the engine from rust.
  • Constantly monitor the tire pressure levels. Do not over-inflate or under-inflate your tires. Over-inflating is hazardous. Under-inflating dramatically impacts the fuel efficiency of your car. Please go through the manual book if you are unsure about the tire pressure level. It will contain the correct tire pressure level for your specific vehicle. Also, go for regular tire rotation to ensure even wear on all four tires.
  • Keep a tab on the fluids. Stay on top of your fluids, and make sure they do not go low. You will be able to avoid transmission and motor problems.
  • Do not ignore the cleaning routine. Every week, dedicate a couple of hours to washing the car. A cleaned and well-maintained vehicle lasts longer.

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