2022 Lexus IS side profile on display

2022 Lexus Lineup is New and improved With Lexus IS Leading The Sedan Segment.

What Is New For The 2022 Lexus IS?  

2022 revamped Lexus IS was the best IS yet, striking the best blend of sleekness and refinement. The 2022 Lexus IS is a powerful premium car with a distinctive exterior design and revolutionary nimble acceleration that offers delight for you with every stroke of the throttle. The Lexus IS not only promising all-day driving pleasure, but it also offers a massive string of luxury amenities. The Lexus IS is made much more thrilling by bold external changes. Lexus of Tucson Speedway in Tucson, AZ, will discuss the new 2022 Lexus IS. Keep reading to get more information.  

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